“In 1996 my dad gave me my first camera. The same time a friend of mine gave me his sister's drum set. From then on I have been taking pictures and playing music constantly. Professionally, I have been working as photographer since 2001 and as a drummer... well, basically never. Maybe a year or so. At the same time I was in love with skateboarding and snowboarding. What you see here is a sample of my everyday life.” – Theo Vranas

Theo Vranas has been working as a photographer for over 15 years. He has worked as the official photographer at various music festivals, he has covered multiple action sports events, worked for the press as well as covering numerous social events. His work has been featured in newspapers and magazines in Greece (Nitro, Kathimerini, K magazine, VIMAgazino, Lifo, Athens Voice, Free Sunday, DropIn, Goodtimes,Flipside, Music Life, Pop-Rock, Sonic et al) and abroad (Espresso, New Look, FutureSnowboarding, ΖΟΟ et al). He has lived and worked in Greece and the USA, has taken part in a number of collaborative photography exhibitions and has had three showings of his own.

Apart from photography, Theo’s other passions include music, skateboarding and snowboarding. He’s been playing drums since 1996, and he has been skateboarding and snowboarding since 1990. Music and various boards sports make up a big part of Theo’s life as well as his inspiration which is why he combines his photography with music and skate/snowboarding as often as possible.

He is now putting together his fourth solo exhibition.

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