The photography exhibition “My Hoodie” is a small tribute to the hooded sweatshirt. From a young age Theo Vranas has been one of those people who feel cold all year long. He always wears a hoodie. Sweatshirts without a hoodie mean nothing to him. He feels exposed and insecure. The hoodie gives him comfort and protection, not only when it’s a cold or a rainy day…the hoodie also protects him from his surroundings, the fast pace of modern life and all the different kind of emotions. Simple as it may seem, this piece of clothing, keeps him strong throughout his days, provides calmness and warmth. Theo, took photos of his friends and acquaintances wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Some of them where taken during a long weekend at the cultural center called six d.o.g.s. Some of them at their homes or at their workspace. By always carrying his equipment around Athens or anywhere in Greece, he managed to capture people who felt most close to him wearing his favourite type of clothing. A unique “family” album through the magical warmth of the hooded sweatshirt.

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